Artwork: Jesus Healing Jairus' Daughter - Artist: Vasiliy Polenov, circa 1871. Oil on Canvas. Image from the Museum of the Academy of Arts, St. Petersburg, Russia. Artwork in the public domain.
My name is SHARLANA and I have been healed of thyroid cancer by the mercy of our Lord, JESUS CHRIST. I hope my testimony will inspire and encourage you, dear friend. Thank you so much for coming to my site. May it be a blessing to you - especially if you come seeking information on healing for yourself, a loved one or prayer partner.
I have called my site Jesus' Healing Hand because that is the vision that our dear Lord blessed me with on the morning of my surgery, November 20, 2009. I was saying a simple prayer in my mind as I hurried about my home, throwing clothes in a bag to take to the hospital for the one-night stay. I was trusting in the Lord for healing and doing my part by raising my concerns to Him in prayer. We must believe that we will receive our healing and then walk with the Lord in an attitude of faith, hope and love that He will work that magnificent healing within our bodies.
I was nervous, of course, but confident that I had done everything possible to prepare myself mentally and spiritually for the challenge of surgery. As I stuffed items into my overnight bag, a very mundane activity, a strong and distinctive vision came before my eyes. A vision of our merciful Lord, almost as if He was part of an icon held up before my eyes. I saw Him with my eyes but also in my mind (if that makes sense). It was almost as if a small picture frame was held up before me at eye level. The image that gazed back was that of the Lord Jesus in Biblical robes, his dark hair flowing, his face serene but commanding, serious in his intensity.
Determined in his intent TO HEAL.
Jesus the Christ was holding his RIGHT HAND towards me, his daughter in faith. Our Lord looked upon me and a bolt of yellow light, a streaming blaze of light, passed from the center of his HEALING HAND straight towards me. Gushed towards me like a river of light. (There was no impact. I understood its meaning as a message of healing.)
As if to proclaim, I have the power to heal this much!
The vision lasted for several seconds. I experienced an instant calm. I was surprised but not fearful, for in the presence of the Lord, we feel instant peace. I felt humbled that this should happen, but I accepted it as a gift from heaven.
The Eternal King who holds THE KEYS of life and death also commands the healing powers of the universe.
From the grace of his gentle heart for humanity, JESUS of the HEALING HAND chose to extend a message of mercy to me. PRAISE BE TO GOD!
The vision faded in an instant. I continued packing with a sense of immense gratitude in my heart. Whatever would happen in the surgery room in a few hours, I knew that the Lord was in control.
He would use his medical servants to heal me, I was sure of it. So I prayed with renewed confidence and assurance that all would go well that day. I prayed for wisdom for the doctors and the medical staff. I prayed for blessings over the flow of traffic, that my ride would get me there on time and without any problem.
I prayed for strength to meet this medical challenge as I trusted in Him, our Lord. It gave me comfort also to pray to the healing angel, the Archangel Raphael, asking that this angelic servant would perform his duties of healing and guide the angel(s) provided to watch over me. (We won't know the full extent of angels' involvement in our lives until we reach Heaven, I suppose. Until then, I'll trust in tradition. In any case, I decided to pray to whoever I wished - after all, I had cancer!)
A biopsy had shown malignancy eating away at my thyroid gland. After surgery, one physician explained that the cancer had actually leaked a tiny bit into the surrounding tissue, into a ring called the capsule ring. Heaven had surely led me to have surgery just in time!
Everything that could go right with that surgery, went absolutely right. No problems with the anesthesia. They didn't nick my vocal chords as with one acquaintance of mine, where the person had to go to rehab to learn how to talk again. I can still sing, I didn't lose my ability to sing from note to note as some do. I could talk without being too hoarse, and after a few days, my voice was back to normal. The moon-shape scar at my neckline is healing beautifully.
Mercy, our Lord of Mercy, Wonderful Shepherd, standing firm with the staff of life. Son of David, root of royal David's line, you touched me and made me whole!
All praises to you, Giver and Sustainer of Life. Thank you, dearest Jesus, for directing your angels to watch over me.
O Visitor to my site, I swear with my hand upraised that my testimony is true. May my experience give you courage in your own fight for health and life!
For spiritual sustenance, and an answer to questions you may have, I recommend that you seek counsel from a church community in your local area. I hope that visitors of all faith persuasions have found comfort in my story.
 January 19, 2010  (more info to follow)